Tech Entrepreneurs Mobilize to Face Humanity’s Biggest Challenge

Israeli Tech Entrepreneurs Mobilize to Face Humanity's Biggest Challenge3

Instead of cyber, gambling, advertising and gaming, Israeli high-tech has an opportunity to pursue the good, with big money alongside. To develop technologies that trap carbon and buy time in the battle for the climate. Dozens of companies are already riding the wave

“Our dream is to transform this whole region back into a marsh,” says Yuval Lavi, from Ma’agan Michael, a kibbutz on the Mediterranean coast between Haifa and Hadera, as he gazes at the patchwork of fish ponds that lie to the north along the shoreline as far as the horizon. The sun is setting, the sky is a palette of bold colors, the air is alive with water birds and butterflies. Lavi speaks in quiet tones – maybe because he’s uncomfortable about the pioneers who drained the swamps (his grandfather among them), and are now probably turning over in their graves. But Lavi isn’t engaged in old-time pioneering and isn’t nostalgic about those who cleared the wetlands

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