Any water, anywhere, any industry

Sustainable, water-based CDR


Simple, Scalable, Realistic

CarbonBlue was established with the understanding that to realistically reach large-scale CDR capacities in time, robust, easily scalable, and easily maintainable hardware is a crucial necessity.

To develop this hardware, we turned to a simple chemical principle which allows us to extract CO2 from water without further adding, removing, or changing its chemical composition in any way.

This same principle allows us to do away with costly, deterioration-prone membranes, energy-consuming electrical components, and complicated structural concerns, and to provide a fast-deploying, modular solution that can easily interface with any water stream, and turn it into a CDR asset.

Universal water compatibility

Our proprietary technology utilizes a closed loop system, requiring only heat and water as inputs, and pure CO2 and decarbonated water, otherwise unaltered, its only outputs.
This allows for the deployment and integration of our technology in any water-rich environment, whether it’s a natural body of water like an ocean, a river, or a lake – or an industrial system utilizing water for cooling, energy generation, or even desalination.

MRV:Measuring our environmental impact

Our technology was developed to serve one goal: rehabilitate the environment, through the mitigation of global warming.
Removing CO2 from water alone isn’t enough; we need to know that the water then absorbs more anthropogenic CO2 from the atmosphere when it is returned to the environment – and that our overall impact on the environment does no harm, with the safety and health of local communities, flora, fauna, and holistic ecosystems remaining intact at the very least, or even improved as a result of our operations. For this purpose, we employ some of the world’s leading MRV and marine ecology experts, as well as collaborate with top research institutes and scientists to identify, isolate and monitor all possible contingencies and eventualities stemming from the use of our technology.


Pure CO2
for any purpose

The CarbonBlue process produces two outputs: decarbonized water, and pure CO2.

While the water is returned to the environment to absorb more atmospheric CO2, the CO2 we produce can be either sequestered or utilized in any process requiring the substance. Through sequestration, CarbonBlue’s carbon removal practices qualify for the highest standard of carbon credits.

Through utilization, CarbonBlue’s “green carbon” can bring any CO2-utilizing industry into the circular economy, and help reduce its carbon footprint.



Scalable, efficient, independent



Co-benefits of saving
the climate



An endless, on-site or
near-site source of green CO2

More CO2-Benefits

Integrating CarbonBlue’s technology with existing industries can do more than just lower their carbon footprint through carbon removal. The co-benefits CarbonBlue’s technology can provide to the facilities it is deployed in are myriad and varied.

From lowered costs through reduced use of expensive chemicals, which the utilization of decarbonated water can provide, through to simplified supply chains that come with an on-site supply of CO2, CarbonBlue’s benefits to both business and the environment go far beyond CO2 reduction.

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