Helping the ocean save the planet

Humanity’s emissions have saturated and acidified the world’s oceans, reducing their ability to regulate CO2 levels. Our technology helps the ocean do what it does best, better: clean the atmosphere

Our Mission

Provide humanity with the technological means to create a sustainable world. Quickly, safely, and profitably.

Our Solution

Earth’s oceans are the most important atmospheric CO2 sink in the world. Since the industrial revolution, anthropogenic CO2 emissions have risen above the oceans’ capacity to absorb them, leading to ocean acidification, and hindering our global ecosystem’s ability to self-regulate. Our solution is to remove excess CO2 from the seawater and lock it away indefinitely. By doing so, we both counter ocean acidification and its environmental impacts, and enhance the oceans’ ability to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere to fight climate change.

Our proprietary process utilizes calcium, one of the most abundant chemical elements in the ocean, to mineralize, separate, and remove dissolved CO2 from seawater.
After the CO2 is removed, the calcium is returned to the ocean to maintain its natural chemical composition.

Our Team

We are a team of scientists and engineers with a rich combined background in groundbreaking research, industry innovation and large-scale project execution. What binds us is our love for the planet and our conviction that there is always a fighting chance for a better future.

Dr. Dan Deviri

Co-Founder & CEO

Iddo Tsur

Co-Founder & COO

Dan Peled

Head of Engineering

Dr. Josh Steinber

Head of MRV

Dr. Tzachi Jacobson

Marine Biogeochemist

Dan Erez

Process Engineer

Shahar Bialer



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Reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels, stabilizing climate systems, and giving future generations a fighting chance to continue to prosper on the planet.